Tale of Two Cities | Tampa and Raleigh Family Photographer

Well it is official.  We have moved!  After over 3 amazing years in Raleigh, my husband's company presented him with an opportunity that we couldn't say no to, back in Florida.  So here we are!  I know that this may bring up some questions to those I haven't had a chance to personally but I am here to try and address them now.  

So what does this really mean?  Our address has changed, so my home base has changed.  Our house is sold in NC and purchased in FL.  I am still working a full time job and still doing photography on the side.  I obviously am not able to be in two places at once, so I won't be able to do sessions in the Raleigh area at the drop of a hat, HOWEVER, I do plan on making special trips up a couple times a year (at least!) to photograph my amazing clients in NC.  I am so thankful and honored to have you all as part of my family I could never just stop capturing your memories!  So please stay tuned.  I know I have a trip in May planned, but based on demand and schedule I am happy to come out other times (you can count on the fall as well).  Please keep an eye out on Facebook, Email (if you aren't signed up on my "newsletter" make sure you do), Instagram and social media in general to hear about upcoming trips to NC.  As always don't hesitate to reach out anytime with any questions.  

Anything else?  Yes, one more thing.  I made a decision earlier in the year that I was going to hone in on the type of photography I want to specialize in not only my business but for my family, With that being said, I am no longer taking on weddings and I finished my last one before we moved.  If you are looking for a wedding photographer in either area I am happy to offer some referrals for you!  While I may no longer be doing weddings, you can be assured that families and children are here to stay (including maternity, fresh 48, and lifestyle newborn sessions).

As we embark on the upcoming holidays please don't be surprised if things are a little quiet around the business.  I am trying to get our family settled into our new city as well as take some time to rest after 3 crazy, busy, awesome years in Raleigh and work on putting the new location to work.  If you are in the Tampa and are interested in a session- let's talk!  Raleigh- thank you for everything and stay tuned for session dates back in NC.  

Happy Holidays to all from my family to yours.  Much love and can't wait to share 2017 with you.

PS As you know I fall behind in my blogging a lot- so I am hoping that during this Holiday season I can catch up- so watch out- you are warned :)  

palm harbor family session

Valentine & Hot Cocoa Mini-Session Sign Up | Raleigh Family Photographer

Valentine Mini Session

I am so very very very excited about this upcoming special mini-session and I can tell you now, you won't want to miss it! The Greenhouse Picker Sisters will be doing the design and if you have not seen any of their work I highly suggest that you do - I love every set up that they do and hope that this is just the first of many collaborations.  The design will be perfect for everyone!

This is going to be one day only- January 23rd and only a limited number of 20 minute spots are available.  We have already started to sell some time slots so I suggest if you are considering doing this that you sign up soon!  The cost for this special mini-session is $150 and that includes 20 minutes, up to 5 people, 10 digital files, personal app with your 10 pictures, and 1 gift print (8x12 or smaller).  

Fun4Raleigh Kids is also giving away 1 of these sessions so make sure you register for a chance to win!  If you win and have already paid your deposit, you will be reimbursed so you have nothing to lose! 

Can't wait to see you all!!  

The Gift That Lasts Forever | Raleigh Family Photographer

This picture will make a little more sense after you read below.  Every time I see this picture I am overwhelmed with emotion.  I travel back to this day and I remember it all and can even feel the butterflies in my stomach come back.  Photo Credit- Elegant Imagery (Florida)

This picture will make a little more sense after you read below.  Every time I see this picture I am overwhelmed with emotion.  I travel back to this day and I remember it all and can even feel the butterflies in my stomach come back.  Photo Credit- Elegant Imagery (Florida)

The Holiday Season is definitely underway.  Lights and decorations are up in the neighborhoods, retailers are starting to announce their extended Holiday hours, and the shopping has begun.  All is well until you start to think about what to get your mom, your wife, your nephew?  

Photography is an amazing thing that is more than just a picture of a couple exchanging vows, the tiny features of a newborn baby, the high school senior ready to graduate, or the mom who wants updated pictures of her family of 4.  It is the memory behind all of that.  There are not many items that you can go back and look at and have a whirlwind of emotions and thoughts come running back at you at once.  You can see the location in your mind, you can remember the surroundings and atmosphere, and you can remember how you felt.  

To this very day I can look at pictures from our wedding (over 6 years ago) and it feels like it was just yesterday.  I see a picture of me looking out a window and I am instantly back there again.  I immediately recall that moment, I was alone, relaxed, soaking in the day.  It wasn't long before I was about to walk down the aisle and I just felt calm yet anxious.  I see a picture of my husband waiting for me at the other end of the alter and I remember only seeing him, feeling like it was just the two of us in the room.  Feelings of extreme happiness, excitement, with the butterflies in my stomach like when we first dated.  To the same token, I can look at a picture of my two children together that I took back in May.  I remember wanting to take just a quick picture of them before we were leaving for the afternoon.  I love that picture- my daughter is leaning in to give her little brother a kiss.  It is just perfect to me.  Every time I look at that picture though, I smile and have to chuckle.  While I love that picture, it was an insane battle getting them to even take one together.  You don't know it looking at it, but I do and to me its a part of the memory that makes me laugh and light up each time I see it and part of why that picture will always be special to me. 

The gift of photography is a gift beyond words,  it is timeless and will last forever.  Whether you are wanting to give someone a session, or give them a gift to buy prints and products from their recent session, I can help you! I pose no minimum requirements on gift cards, so we can easily put something perfect together for your person!

I hope you are having a wonderful start to the holidays!  Looking forward to helping you pass on forever this Season! 


Full of Thanks | Raleigh Family Photographer

happy thanksgiving

How is it that we are already in November- and that we are about to sit upon Thanksgiving?  I could have sworn it was just spring time- am I crazy?!  Ok, no need to answer that!  But we are here, and while I don't want to take up too much of your time, I just have to say Thank You.  There aren't many people in life who get to take something that they love and share it with others.  I absolutely love this job, and I even hate to use the word job because it NEVER feels like one.  Delivering a gallery or order to a family- that you now can consider part of your family- that will forever be a part of their memories is truly an honor that I am so very grateful that each of you have entrusted me with.  Photography is not just about putting a picture of a family on a wall to walk past on your way to bed, but its actually capturing a feeling, a memory, a moment that we can't just go back and get.  It's real!  

Raleigh has numerous photographers, and so many talented ones, so the fact that you chose me, means more than I can ever say.  Moving from Florida and deciding to restart this business was probably one of the scariest feelings I have had in a long time. I was nervous and afraid of failure- here I am in a new city, large city none the less, with so many photographers, and even still newer to most in the field.  But not doing this was NOT an option.  So here we are, 17 months later and business is going great!   The best part about it, this is just the beginning!  I am working hard to make 2016 an even more exciting year, but not for me - for you guys.  Without my amazing clients, I wouldn't be here!  So thank you, thank you, thank you!  

I hope that you are each able to spend some time with your family and loved ones and have a wonderful Thanksgiving wherever the Holidays bring you!  Thanksgiving is the start of such a wonderful season and what better way to start it off by saying Thanks!

Exciting stuff is on the way so stay tuned and Happy Thanksgiving! 

Black Friday and Other Sales | Raleigh Photographer

Black Friday Photographer

It's that time of year and no worries- I have you covered!!

Starting today (November 24th) and going through Monday, November 30th (11:59 PM EST) (this way we can celebrate Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, and Cyber Monday with no need to rush or panic) you can take advantage of the following deals- 

- 25% off Canvas Wraps, Print Wraps, or Metal Prints from any 2015 session.

-  Gift Cards!  They are truly the perfect gift and when it comes to photography it is the gift that keeps on giving- forever! We can never get those moments back but we can capture them! For this special I am offering gift cards for a FULL session at $100 (reg.$125).  In addition the recipient will also receive 10% off their package choice.  You can purchase 1 session gift card for yourself - gift cards with this special can be redeemed starting January 1, 2016 and will have an expiration date of June 30, 2016.  

- Weddings.  Set up a consultation during this period (consultation will be scheduled after the holiday weekend at a time convenient for everyone) and if you book with Gabrielle Elyse Photography within 48 hours after the consultation you will get 20% off the package of your choice!