Keep on Moving Don't Stop {Raleigh Family Lifestyle Photographer}

Thanks Soul II Soul and 1989!  That has been our theme song for the past few couple of weeks, so I do apologize for falling just a tad behind.  After moving to Raleigh a little under a year ago we found a home and neighborhood that we love and have officially made ourselves Raleigh residents! It is such a great feeling yet all the while rather exhausting.  We threw ourselves into trying to settle in as quickly as possible and I think reality has come.  We aren't going anywhere so lets do it right and take our time.  So we are functional though have a list of things we want to do the house based on urgency and will just move accordingly so.  My next big project that I need to do is get my office set back up.  Right now I am sort of nomadic through the house and for my photography in addition to my corporate job, the office is needed.  We will get there! I am hoping to capture some of the before and afters of our projects, so don't be surprised if they find their way here.  In the meantime I am getting ready for a couple of busy weekends and can't wait to show you pictures from the sessions and catch up on some blogs!

Keep in mind as we start to hit August as well that it is never too early to book fall sessions so you can have your pictures in time for your Holiday cards!  Email me to book your session!

Hope this finds all well - it's good to be back up and running again!